Holes when using star primitive with extrusion and boolean operation

  • Hello, I made a little jscad script to make a star using the dedicated primitive, it went well, but unfortunately the model has holes and they appear on all combinations that my script can do :

    • star + rectangular_extrude
    • star + rectangular_extrude + linear_extrude + union

    It might is due to T junction problem.

    Capture d’écran de 2020-12-23 16-46-47.png

  • @z3dev I already tried to use a branch locally but didn't managed to make it work, so I stick to web version at https://jscad.xyz/

  • @gilboonet thanks again.

    yeah. it looks like a t-junction issue again. if you have the time then please try the V2 branch called ' v2-fix-t-junctions', as some feedback on the changes would be good.

  • I rewrote it with v1 and the star rendered has no holes. I avoided rectangular_extrude because I wasn't able to use it without roundends. And I need to find a way to compute star width using a % from the outerpath (I form the star polygon with the outerpath minus itself scaled (0.8) for the moment.
    Capture d’écran de 2020-12-29 19-15-45.png

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