Video of an integrated tool (from 2016) using OpenJSCAD v0.4

  • Hello, here's a video I made yesterday to show how to make simple vase models from their profile. It uses a very old JSCAD version, v0.4, but as it works perfectly, I'm still using it. I'm pretty sure this can be done with current v2 version, but the handiness provided by the integration of the Simple Polygon Editor that feeds a parameter is something that is too complex (for me) to handle to convert it.

    Link to the video
    examples made with the editor
    Capture d’écran de 2021-09-09 18-39-18.png

  • @z3dev Thank you, I used demo.html to make an animation from still images of a rendering, but didn't though it could be used to make an online application. I will give it a try because if I remember correctly, V2 surface of revolution (rotate extude) allows more powerful things than v1.

  • @gilboonet for the V2 version, you could start from the demo.html found in the regl-renderer package. i think you would be able to reassemble this very quickly. 🙂

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