How to select the rendered model with the mouse?

  • Interesting question, how to select the rendered model with the mouse, and then edit the parameters of the selected model?
    I did not find the relevant content in the user manual!
    @z3dev Have you implemented related functions?

  • @z3dev @jess-yan yup. it is not implemented right now. But such feature has a lot more to consider to be implemented.

    It may be beneficial to start a discussion on git to see what would be expectation of such functionality and what it would take to implement it.

  • @jess-yan that's not so different than some of the mainstream cad applications. for example, blender allows the selection of the model using a mouse click, but just selects the model from the tree of models on the right. any changes to the model are made to the tree.

  • @z3dev OK! If you render multiple models at the same time, you can only select the model from the list and edit the model parameters. This is the solution I thought of, although it is not perfect.

  • i haven't seen this functionality in any of the various websites. it's probably possible but way outside of the goals of JSCAD.

    @hrgdavor mentioned that Three.js has this functionality but again implementation is not going to be easy.

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