Debugging: values of variables?

  • If I want to do a little development work - which in my case is simply creating a few small functions - some debugging facility is necessary. I know that (at least in Firefox) I can write to the Web Console with the JavaScript function console.log - but are there are other debugging facilities? This might seem like a dumb question, but I've only ever used JavaScript in the context of (Open)JSCAD, so I know nothing about generic JavaScript debugging. How do you step through a script or program, checking values of variables on the way? Add breakpoints?

    As always, many thanks!

  • Same here, I only use console.log in Firefox, and I even used it on some scripts to export data before I knew how to use localStorage.

  • I just use console.log in Chrome(mostly prefer ti vs debug 😄 ), and I think debug breakpoints are not possible due to way user scripts are loaded (I may be wrong on this one).

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