V2 Update

  • HEADS UP! Please get the latest version of JSCAD V2, as there have been some BIG name space changes in the modeling API.

    • math => maths
    • geometry => geometries

    These are the last major changes to the modeling API, as all big changes have been completed.

    The WEB UI is now quite usable for creating designs. It's best to drag-n-drop project folders to the window, and work with the pieces via a favorite editor. If "Enable auto reload" is checked then changes will be detected, and rendered again.

    For those wanting to get hold of JSCAD V2, it's still in 'early adoption' mode. But you can get started here.

    And a BIG THANKS for everyone that has provided feedback. Keep those comments coming!

  • Nice! I'll pull it down tonight.

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